Advertising & Branding

Below is a collection of advertisements and branding by Mario Papa & Sons collected from online resources and the family archives.

Fine Table Cut Gloves Ad, CA 1944

It seems that the company didn’t quite have a logo until the early 1950s which started with the below ad showcasing a shield and crown encasing a “P” in graphic rays. The “P” Shield logo was complimented by a ribbon with the wording “Papa Brand” followed by “Fine Gloves”

Papa Brand Gloves, Specializing in Pigskin. CA 1950

A modern digital re-creation of the first logo can be seen below.

Somewhere between the 50s and the 70s, Papas used embossed gold foil tags affixed to their gloves as pictured below. This tag included a variant of the “P” Shield.

A modern digital re-creation of the Papa’s Gloves gold foil tag.
Knit Accessories Ad, CA 1972
Fine Gloves Ad, CA 1976

Papa’s Perfection Characters

The Papa Perfection Characters were used in Papa’s advertising, thought to be for many decades. However there is only evidence of these characters being used later in the company’s history.

Large Papa Perfection Ad with Glove Characters, CA 1981
Papa Perfection Ad, CA 1986
Papa Perfection Ad, CA 1990
A modern re-creation in full round form of the Papa’s Perfection Characters, made into a vintage style advertising display using 3d printing technologies.
A sample of an original poly bag that Papa’s Gloves were packaged in. Use date range unknown unfortunately.
Digitally re-created artwork from the original Polybags.
A modern digital re-creation of the sign that hung above the South Main Street Office.